OTTAWA (Oct. 2009)—Their Excellencies the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada, and husband Mr. Jean-Daniel Lafond hosted a cultural evening at Rideau Hall, their official residence.  I had the honour and privilege of exhibiting my artwork in the company of other visual artists at this event. It was Slovenia’s ambassador Tomaž Kunstelj, a most gracious host himself, who was instrumental in organizing this event.

Madame Michaëlle Jean was engaging and attentive. I was charmed and touched at how graciously she offered her undivided attention to a personal conversation about my work. That, along with the ambiance of Rideau Hall, the architecture and impressive interiors made this an unforgettable experience.

The Governor-General was to visit Slovenia, Croatia and Greece. In preparation for these state visits, she hosted this reception in her home with the help of the Canadian Ambassadors from these three countries. The event featured artists with Slovenian and Croation heritage (mine being Slovenian). It also featured stage performances followed by a cocktails and dinner reception with delectable, traditional dishes served from the three countries.
It was a thrill to walk into the stately reception room and see my paintings on display.

The exciting evening continued at the Kunstelj residence, where Tomaž and his wife Teja, hosted an intimate gathering amongst a truly wonderful group of people who shared a Slovenian heritage.