Danny Wise is charming and charismatic with an aristocratic nature. Passionate and driven about his work, he was equally enthusiastic in promoting me and my artwork. My name was featured on banners and we were invited to speak at on on-air radio event. While DW was attentive and generous with his compliments, he is also very discerning and particular.  He’s very approachable, and hands-on in all aspects of his work.

Image: radio interview for the Danny Wise 20th anniversary exhibit & collaboration.




Whatever the daily happenings, preparations continued for the 20th Anniversary Exhibit. No matter how busy it was organizing for the upcoming event, time was always taken to have a freshly brewed expresso with an assortment of fine Sicilian pastry,(something we seemed to indulge in on a daily basis).

Image: morning cappuccino





While the Atelier was home to couture, it was also home to DW and his loyal staff – and where I too, was so graciously welcome.

Image: model Franchesca and DW’s assistant, Masha