Danny Wise Milano carries three lines; Haute Couture, Couture, and Boutique.  The Haute Couture line is a mix of glamour and opulence, while the couture/boutique lines are a nod to tradition: The classics withstanding the test of time in the most exquisite fabrics.  His designs epitomize lady-like, refined silhouettes with touches of romantic femininity.

Originally based in Milan, Danny Wise Milano relocated to Sicily 5 years ago.  The 3 story Atelier is located on a main street in the historic town of Caltanissetta.  Known for it’s authenticity, this city comes complete with beautiful baroque churches, renaissance architecture (boasting wrought iron balconies to die for), and a fantastic central Piazza Garibaldi.

This was the backdrop for the daily comings and goings of the Atelier, where preparations were being made for 2 consecutive social evenings – a ladies and a mens respectively, where guests arrived for private viewings of DW’s ultra luxurious line of crocodile accessories, ranging from evening to overnight bags for both men and woman.  DW’s pride lies in the impeccable quality and craftsmanship of his products.  Displayed during these events, were two of my life size paintings, which fit seamlessly into the atmosphere of this fashion/social setting.

The pairing of art and fashion made for great conversation.  DW effortlessly switched from speaking Italian to English then back again, while great efforts were made by many who enthusiastically tried their English on me.  I was very touched by the sincerity of everyone I met.