‘Art is art. Fashion is fashion,’ Mr. Lagerfeld said. ‘However, Andy Warhol proved that they can exist together.’



This October I had the amazing experience of celebrating the longstanding relationship between fashion and art when several of my new paintings were displayed next to the actual garments that inspired them at the DANNY WISE MILANO House of High Fashion and Luxury in Italy.

I spent a week experiencing the comings and goings of this Couture Fashion House on location in Italy.  A week in the life.


While it was the subject matter of dresses in my paintings that caught the eye of Italian Haute Couturier, Danny Wise, it was the deeper narrative in my work that further drew him in.  He felt the energy and emotion and wanted to see that captured in paintings inspired by his own unique collections along with a 20th Anniversary portrait of himself.  The possibility of an Art and Fashion collaboration was suggested as we discovering similarities within our respective disciplines.  We both explore perceptions of style and elegance in our work, and believe the dress is an extension of the spirit of the woman who wears it.  Art and life come together to create a unique essence.

A collaboration was discussed, and it was decided that I would paint 4 large scale paintings inspired from DW’s collection; 2 from his past and 2 from his new collection.  For his portrait, my goal was to capture his passion and character with the same intuition and sensitivity that he uses when designing for his exclusive clientele.

While I relished the opportunity for European exposure, the idea of experiencing the world of Haute Couture first-hand totally captivated me. It’s true, I like to infuse a little glamour into my work, but I tend to approach it as an observer rather than a participant.  But there I was… about to experience Haute Couture from a whole new perspective.  I was entering another level of glamour – a world of refined style and elegance.      Stay tuned for part 2…